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Providing you with the latest information helping you stay one step ahead and on top of industry and technical developments.

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How to.

Practical and tangible advice and top tips to help you tackle current common challenges.

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Best in class training and education covering all aspects and skill sets needed when planning and delivering virtual and hybrid events.

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Virtual demos.

Technical and real-time demonstrations from our leading platforms and suppliers in our industry.

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Industry news.

The latest industry wide news effecting and impacting virtual and hybrid events.

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Written articles featuring advice, opinion pieces and frank talk focused around current affairs and industry events.

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Latest drop of wisdom

Insight into COP26

With the worlds press and media watching on, we speak to the team who delivered arguably one of the world’s most important and high profile events, COP 26. Driving the agenda of sustainability, we find out the challenges, learnings and advice for delivering better within events from one of the agencies of the moment and leading on this subject, Identity.
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