Author ADMIN  |  Date published 17 May 2021

The ultimate virtual events checklist

Virtual events have become something of the norm these days and with that the bar is raised and expectations are higher. This checklist will ensure you cover all bases and achieve virtual event success.

At the Virtual Event Directory our aim is to offer a platform which connects buyers with the best suppliers, a knowledge centre that provides insight sessions with industry leading professionals as well as publishing best in content and education which covers all aspects when planning and delivering virtual and hybrid events.

Our platinum subscription partner, Wolf & White, has created a virtual event checklist which covers everything you need to take into consideration when planning your virtual event from defining the foundation of your event all the way through to the post event activities and analysis. The virtual event checklist has been broken down into 12 distinct areas which will help you to define, plan and effectively manage tasks and activities for your virtual events:

  1. Define your virtual event: The foundations
  2. Planning your virtual event: The Support
  3. Planning your virtual event: Platform
  4. Planning your virtual event: Content
  5. Planning your virtual event: Speakers
  6. Planning your virtual event: Enhanced engagement
  7. Planning your virtual event: Marketing and promotion 
  8. Planning your virtual event: Communication
  9. Planning your virtual event: Sponsors
  10. Pre-event activities: virtual platform / attendees / communication
  11. Live day activities
  12. Post event activities

Each of the above areas comes with a full, well thought out checklist created by event experts, the purpose of the checklist is to provide you  with a guide and provoke thought around your virtual event planning.

Download our virtual event checklist today!


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