Virtual Demos.

Virtual Venue - Hybrid Events Add-On

By utilising our virtual venue, with a range of features including a bespoke virtual welcome reception and breakout rooms that emulate anything from a boardroom, classroom or conference setting, you can give online attendees an engaging event experience that’s as close as you can get to an in-person event. No matter where the online attendees are in the world, they will feel like they are in the room with the in-person attendees, giving everyone the ability to collaborate and engage with each ot...

Philips Virtual Host Oncology Tour

Philips tasked Avantgarde with bringing their Customer Experience Centre's (CEC) to life in the digital world to help support 600 live events that were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Philips wanted to take full advantage of the flexibility of a virtual platform when it comes to managing content, while not compromising the personal touch that is inherent in their live events and CEC.

Avantgarde: Xr Studo

Reaching beyond the KnownAs live events and brand experiences are still annulled or delayed, and as we still find ourselves confined to our homes, the demand to maximize the benefits of digital-only experiences and hybrid approaches increases. From our point of view brands still have to reach and engage existing and potential customers. New platforms like Clubhouse show the ever growing need to connect, to share and exchange thoughts, to get a sense of belonging in a society where physical encou...

Occhio Lightstream - Virtual Partner Days

This is not a Livestream.It’s a Lightstream.When it comes to light, Occhio is probably the world’s most enthusiastic, exclusive and serious brand. When they asked us to create a concept for their first ever virtual partner days, a simple livestream was not an option. We developed a dynamic format which highlights the brand’s DNA: The Occhio lightstream – invites spectators on a digital journey through Occhio’s light universe connecting numerous Occhio partner locations in one dynamic and innovat...

Avantgarde's very own bespoke virtual events platform: VITE

VITE is based on combining our vast experience of physical events, a deep understanding of the needs of users and our technological expertise. Designed, devised and delivered for our new normal, with the specific needs of virtual events in mind, we’ve crafted a single platform that creates a simple and unified user journey – from registration through to live event days. VITE has a vast array of features – video calls, text chat, polls, live and pre-recorded content, dynamic agendas, ma...

Immersive Hybrid Event: Lufthansa 100 Year Celebration

Lufthansa has been roaming the skies since 1918. In order to celebrate the new Lufthansa brand, we at Avantgarde wanted to make some history of our own.We created a fully interactive, digital, multimedia event where we connected over 2,500 guests and their smartphones with over 155 screens as an art installation.With just a single swipe, visitors were able to upload personalized content, engage with existing content, and share their story with the world. Or in other words: The smartphone became...

Volkswagen at the Sochi Olympics - Living Medal Count

We transformed Volkswagen's stand at the Sochi Winter Olympics by turning the most-talked about aspect of the Games into a choreographed dance routine played out on the front of the build.It was so impressive that we maximised audience engagement as reporters and broadcasters would stand in front of it, reaching 750m people.

Virtual Speed Networking

Virtual Speed Networking is the perfect way to promote camaraderie and enhance relationships through a fun series of game-type challenges mixed with meaningful discussions. During this time of remote working spaces, this program has two great design options. The first one is the perfect break from traditional virtual meetings for participants who already know each other, as a fun way to enjoy each other’s company, enhance camaraderie, and strengthen bonds. The second option is for...

Virtual Competition to Collaboration

Virtual Competition to Collaboration is a professionally-facilitated activity-based workshop designed to engage participants in team collaboration and organizational synergy.Utilizing a virtual meeting platform (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.) and taking advantage of break-out rooms, this session will initially have participants working on a challenging sub-group initiative that incorporates strategy, decision-making, and time management as you must make decisions in 15 second increments!The...

Virtual Jeoparody

What do you get when you combine state of the art technology, graphics, and sound effects presented to your group by our fun and engaging event facilitators? You get Virtual Jeoparody! Virtual Jeoparody is our take on the classic television game show. With all the traditional elements held in a virtual environment and our professional interactive host, your group will have the full game show experience. This game show is the perfect way to break up a day of lectures or kick off an orientati...

Virtual Price it Right!

Based on the highly popular game show that has been running for 47 seasons, our Virtual Price It Right is a fun and interactive game that can be played by up to 100 people. It has all of the graphics, sounds, and excitement of the live show!Our experienced and enthusiastic host will keep the participants engaged and continuously interacting throughout the game, with over sixteen different chances to win a prize!  Not only will the contestants be bidding on products, but they will also be en...

Virtual Escape Room: Escape the Office!

Virtual Escape the Office is an immersive virtual escape room game that transforms the mundane of the workplace into a mysterious challenge. Our Escape Rooms are secure, no-install, virtual events that work on all screen-share platforms. With an immersive storyline, clues of varying difficulty, detailed graphics, and an advanced escape room platform, this program will energize and bond your team.Teams are put into the shoes of an elite detective following a tip to the office of the top suspect i...

Virtual Survey Says!

Virtual Survey Says is our fun, fast-paced corporate game show that can be played by groups large and small, with a facilitator to ensure all participants are engaged and enjoying the action!Based on the popular "Family Feud" game show, this version of Survey Says! is now a Virtual, Competitive, Team Building event! With all of the high-spirited fun and excitement of a live game show, this engaging competition will pit remote individuals/teams against each other in a contest to identify the most...

Connect.ID Virtual Events Platform

Packaged, scalable and secure solution to support live and virtual events. The platform can be configured in as little as two weeks and provides comprehensive live and on-demand analytics accessible 24/7.

Live Virtual Studio @DBPixelhouse

Whatever your event, whatever your message, we have the Virtual Production Team ready to help you deliver it. 

Off the shelf Virtual Sets from MMG

A 4 min video that takes you through all of the ‘off the shelf’ virtual sets we have available. All colours, furniture, backgrounds and content can be altered as well as branding added. We also provide a bespoke service desiging high quality, detailed rendered virtual sets for our events, get in touch for a consultation. E - 

Virtual Sets, Green Screen & Remote Callers - A straight forward walkthrough!

A straight forward walkthrough of how green screen and virtual sets can be used in your events now. From plenary sessions to awards shows we have the solution for you. This is very much the tip of the iceburg so get in touch or head to our website for more advice: w - -

Event Studio

Fully Customisable Broadcast-Quality Immersive Hybrid and Virtual Event Studio - We can provide all of the equipment, expertise and experience you need to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. Here are just some of the things our hybrid and virtual event studio is capable of:Real-time audience interaction which seamlessly integrates virtual and in-person participants. Online audience members can be featured on the screen, so that they can interact in real-time with the presenter(s)...

Hybrid Meeting Owl

Meet with your team like never before. Utilise our Meeting Owl (all-in-one 360ocamera, mic and speaker) for a seamless hybrid meeting experience.

Technological Solutions

We have state of the art AV capabilities in all of our venues which enable us to facilitate a wide range of virtual or hybrid events, available at highly competitive rates. We have also partnered with a highly experienced event technology company, who have worked with the likes of Adidas, Pepsi and Mini in the past, to bolster our technological capabilities even further!

Virtual Event Pro: The One Stop Virtual Event Platform

Our end-to-end virtual virtual platform Virtual Event Pro offers complete virtual event tools - from seamless virtual production to live polling, video chat and Q&A. 

SmartStudioXR: Extended Reality Studio at Royal Lancaster London

Find out more about SmartStudioXR at Royal Lancaster London in Central London. The extended reality studio offers virtual worlds, augmented reality objects, interactive sets, Powerpoint integration and live streaming via Zoom or Teams.  

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