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London, United Kingdom
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Avantgarde Marketing Ltd

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At Avantgarde, we design powerful brand experiences that shape brand relevance. 

We are passionate about emotion-filled experiences that create sharable, memorable moments that are immersive, relevant and dynamic. With the increased need for digital experiences, it’s vital that there is an intelligent translation from physical to digital events, which are not bound by the restraints of the physical world.

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Hybrid events will become the latest “new normal”. Are you ready?

With the possible easing of restrictions in the summer, your events need to be able to connect with both a physical and a virtual audience. With many moving parts, disparate audiences and a need to ensure both audiences are treated equally, there is a great deal of complexity.

What’s required to ensure a successful and shared event is manyfold, including:


  • decades-long knowledge of audiences and how events can enthral them
  • up-to-date and relevant insights into how technology can augment an experience in a hybrid space
  • deep understanding of user experience for interactive services
  • a passion for creativity, storydoing, and compelling content to avoid Zoom Fatigue
  • and a virtual and hybrid event service that can become the home for this 


Avantgarde provide all of these, and a whole lot more! And we even have our own virtual and hybrid event service - not just another provider’s offering with a new badge.

Being unsatisfied with the off-the-shelf event platforms, that typically have fixed functionality and very limited options for rebranding and optimal user experience, we crafted our own service, called VITE.

VITE offers total flexibility – your own designs and layouts, your own branding and colours, bespoke functionality, and connections to your CRM and analytics tools. And it offers all of the core functionality you’d expect, including video chats and broadcasts, polling and questions, sponsors and speakers, attendee profiles, automatic suggested content and connections, and much more.

When we craft an event using VITE, it will look and feel like your event.

Already used with multiple clients for thousands of event attendees (including eBay, O2 and BMW), we’re sure that VITE can make your new hybrid journey both successful and enjoyable.

Additional Information

We are global, yet local.

With over 800 talented people, in 11 offices over 7 countries, activating in more than 40 markets, we have the ability to deal with any size of event, at any degree of complexity.

For over 30 years, we’ve understood the power of experiences. We’re experts at designing powerful brand experiences that turn people into life-long brand fans. And we’ve coupled that with our technology prowess and VITE to produce a fully rounded offering to glide through the complexity involved in modern events.

Get in touch with Ofir to start your journey in the new hybrid world.

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Volkswagen at the Sochi Olympics - Living Medal Count
Immersive Hybrid Event: Lufthansa 100 Year Celebration
Avantgarde's very own bespoke virtual events platform: VITE
Occhio Lightstream - Virtual Partner Days
Avantgarde: Xr Studo
Philips Virtual Host Oncology Tour